About Me

I'm Simon Lehnert, 26 and studied "popular music and media" and "leadership in the creative industries" in Germany. Basically I'm a musician who started to create graphics because of the lack of money in my former band. I designed a logo, artworks and finally my first lyric video. That is now about 8 years ago.

I always loved listening to local bands, discovering talented musicians and supporting them. I have been in their position for quite a long time so I know what they are going through. Nearly everything I do in my life has something to do with music and I have always been interested in the fusion of music and visual elements, so to speak in music videos,  graphic design or live-photography. 


I usually don't see myself as an artisan but as a creator - an artist. That's why I'm most of the time involved in the whole process from  idea and concept to realization. I always want to create something unique you won't find again on the internet. It takes a lot of hours planing a video to reach this demand but in the end it's always worth it. My videos are never a result of using one preset after another.   

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