Make Your Music Visual

I'm Simon

In a world where people are flooded with music everywhere, it has never been more important for artists to  transport an image and a brand hand in hand with their music. This is what it takes to turn a “Like” into a “Follower”.

Since nothing helps better to communicate such an image than something visible, videos, animations and graphic design became indispensable for all artists.

About Me
I'm Simon Lehnert, 27 and a graphic- and motion designer based in Germany. I studied ``popular music and media`` and ``leadership in the creative industries``. Basically I'm a musician who started to create graphics because of the lack of money in my former band during High School. I designed a logo, artworks and finally my first lyric video. That is now about 8 years ago.

Because of that affinity for music I finally became freelancer who almost completely focused on the music industry. I work for bands and artists, labels, managements, music brands and manufacturers.

Latest Works


My Clients

In over 7 years of work experiences I’ve worked with several labels, artist managements and brands. Interested which artists I worked with?



Mainz, Germany