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Creativity to deliver unforgettable experiences

I don’t see myself as an artisan but as a creator – an artist. That’s why I’m most of the time involved in the whole process from idea and concept to realization. I always want to create something unique.

My videos and designs are never a result of one preset after another. Every job get its own deserved commitment.



Lyric Videos
The ultimate alternative to music videos.
And fans get to know the words!
Social Media Ads
Instagram and Facebook ads
are the TV spots of today.
3D Mockup Video
Present and animate your CD, Fanbox
or Merchandise in a 3D Video.
Stage Animations
Pump up your live show with perfectly
in synch LED wall animations!
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TV Spots
Clean Cuts, motion overlay, sound design and Packshot animations!
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Print Promo
CD artworks, merchandise, tour posters,
backdrops, tickets, flyer, etc.

Our Clients say

Most creative mind merged with a strong work ethic and exceptional delivery, all from one person!
Sherry Saeedi • CEO @ Veeps
To be honest with you I normally don't like lyric videos but yours blew me away! I loved that it really felt like a story and that you stayed so true to our brand!
Zach DeWall • Set It Off
Wanted to drop a line and say thanks for all the handwork you put in for us!
Mike Mowery • CEO @ Outerloop Group
Wir sind alle mega zufrieden und die Band ist ganz begeistert!
Florian Grimmer • Senior Manager Digital Media @ Elektrola / Universal Germany
Wirklich eines der besten und kreativsten Lyric Videos das ich bisher hatte!
Benedikt von Stauffenberg • Senior Product Manager @ Columbia Germany
Das ist so dermaßen wunderschön geworden! Hab allerherzlichsten Dank. Ich hab gar nix zu monieren und alles nur zu loben.

Wow! Großes Kino. Aber wirklich. Danke.

Nicholas Müller • Jupiter Jones | Von Brücken