Make Your Music Visual

Instagram Campaigns


Pre-Release Campaign

Abstract Announcement Teaser
Something new is coming? Make the announcement a little more engaging by keeping the teasers pretty abstract in the beginning! Your fans are gonna be on fire!
Pre-Save Teaser
Boost your release by calling your fans to pre-save the song or album on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.
ID Announcement Teaser
Make it more personal! Combine a personal video message with your animated call to action message, the artwork, a video snippet, etc.
Artwork Animation Teaser
Reveal your single- or album artwork with a cool artwork animation - combined with release date, etc.
Music Video Teaser
Wanna release a music video? Awake anticipation by teasing some snippets from the music video all together with revealing the release date!

Post-Release Campaign

Single / Album Out Now
Your new release is finally out? Let your fans and all potential fans know and engage them to swipe up and stream it on there preferred platform!
Music Video Out Now
Your music video is out now on YouTube? How about a linked Instagram story that engages your followers to swipe up and watch the full video?
3D Mockup
Want people to buy a physical copy of your CD or your exclusive fanbox? People will want to hold them in their hands when they see how cool they look in 3D!
PSST! - Spotify Canvas
Your song is out on Spotify? Make use of their new player-feature and include looped video scenes or animations for a very personal branding!
PSST! - Sponsored Carousel Ads
Wanna gain new fans? Use sponsored carousel ads with up to 3 individual story parts. This way you can introduce yourself with a personal video message first, give them an audio sample of your latest release and also show engage them to watch the music video by showing the coolest scenes! Each story part can be linked individually to a different destination!